My Gear

This is what I'm shooting with right now...

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Sony A7ii & Sony A6000

When I picked up my first camera a little over three years ago, it was a used Panasonic mirrorless. Since then I've bought and sold an embarrassingly long list of cameras as I explored what worked best for me. Not once did I pick up a true DSLR because I was hooked on having an electronic viewfinder that showed me exactly what I was getting. And, I liked the smaller sizes of cameras without a mirror and other parts that make up the traditional "big professional" camera. 

I started with the A6000 with is amazing, and then added the A7ii so that I could get a little more detail, better shots in low light and mostly for the in camera stabilization which allows me to shoot in settings that would otherwise require a tripod.

Ricoh GR

The Ricoh GR is a front pocket sized dynamo with a huge APS-C sized sensor which means it has the image quality of an entry level DLSR, but in a package that isn't much bigger than a couple cell phones stacked. 

Equipped with a fixed lens at 28mm, it is the perfect fit for landscapes and street photography. There is a reason why cell phone cameras have this same approximate focal length. 

Leica 109

The Leica 109 is a Panasonic LX100 with a custom outer shell as well as other cosmetic differences. Aside from it's stunning good looks, it is exactly the same technically as it's Panasonic sibling. 

Equipped with manual controls for shutter speed, aperture, focus and more it is the perfect camera as an all-in-one for novices as well as experts. In Auto mode, anyone can shoot with it. Fully manual, it can challenge even the best. 

Great video, a decent sized sensor, macro ability and a little bit of zoom makes it a favorite. Did I mention how nice it looks in grey?

But in the end, you can get great shots from any camera.

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